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When you give to the Transboundary Conservation Foundation you will help to protect our natural resources and help fight poverty at the same time.

You can also help to change lives. We work to safeguard our ecosystems and the species that inhabit them. You contribute to change the lives of people as we all depend on nature for our health and our jobs.

We presently are involved in a number of projects, generally in southern Africa but also in the Middle East. 

Our appeal to you is to ask for support for the further development of the Transboundary Conservation Foundation. We need to expand our membership of supporters from individuals and companies.


No matter how much you can afford to give at this time, your donation to us will make a real difference. It will help create a healthier, more prosperous, more productive planet  for you and for everyone.




The amount involved in becoming a gold member is 5500 Euro/50 000 SEK for individual or corporate membership for 2013-2014.  

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Euro account number 46 006 419


IBAN: SE14 6000 0000 0000 4600 6419

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